10 Amazingly Easy Ways for You to Tie a Scarf

One of the easiest ways to change your look is to add a scarf!

There are so many reasons to own a scarf (or a dozen). Not only are they fashionable, but there are also health benefits!

I just love Thirty-One’s long, rectangular scarves. There are tons of ways to wear them and they do wonders for my neck pain. I’m also one of those people that is always cold. One of the benefits of a scarf is that it provides your body a little boost of heat when the neck is kept warm!

Whether you drape it, loop it, tie it or swoop it-the Avenue Scarf is a fabulous fashion accessory for any outfit!

Thirty-One scarves are long, lightweight and available in bright patterns or soft prints. I also really like that the scarves match my totes, thermals and bags!

Add some Thirty-One jewelry like a silver bracelet, gold earrings or leather cuff to put the finishing touch on your look.

Try these 10 ways to tie your scarf: Click link for more instructions

  1. Simple pull-through
  2. Waterfall kerchief
  3. Over-the-shoulder vest
  4. Classic loop
  5. Boho loop
  6. Head scarf
  7. Belted vest
  8. Criss-cross vest
  9. Cozy neck wrap
  10. Simple shrug


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