I LOVE to throw fundraisers! Fundraising is one of my favorite parts of this “side gig” of mine. There’s just something about being able to use your “job” to help others that gives me butterflies!

Who Can Raise Funds with Me?

No cause is too BIG or too SMALL! I accept applications for fundraising from ANYONE who NEEDS funds for a good cause. Below is just a small sample of fundraising I can help with:
  • Animal Rescues
  • Sport Teams
  • Youth Groups
  • Organizations
  • Clubs
  • School Trips
  • In Vitro Fertilization Funds
  • Adoption Fees
  • PTA
  • Veterans
  • Dance/Cheer Teams
  • Church Groups

Don’t see your cause on the list? That’s OK! I’m happy to help YOU get the funds you need.

If this sounds Tote-Ally Amazing to you…KEEP READING for more information!

My goal in fundraising is to help YOU and your organization or cause. I want to get your campaign as much money as possible with the least amount of work from you. We’re all busy and fundraising should be EASY and FUN!
I provide you with 5 different ways for you to meet your fundraising goals!
The great thing about fundraising with me, is that you can COMBINE any of the ways to suit the needs of you and your organization. Combining these methods will ensure your teams success in meeting your goal!

#1 Online Party

This is my #1 way because it is SO easy! I create your party on my Thirty-One website and everyone just has to click the link to order. A percentage of all orders are given to your organization or cause. You’ll be provided the link and you can email, text, PM, IM, DM, Tweet or Snapchat your link to anyone you’d like to participate.

#2 Facebook Event

Facebook events are GREAT for fundraising! I set the event up for you and the only thing you have to do is invite your friends and supporters. These are usually week long events where I show people our products and give them some awesome ideas on HOW Thirty-One can help them in their lives.
There might even be some surprises and games thrown in there!
Your attendees get Thirty-One products and donate to a great cause! What could be better? All the ordering is done online. It’s EASY peezy lemon squeezy!

#3 Home Show

Some people are old-fashioned. They like to clean their house, get together, have some refreshments, play some games and touch the products. In this day and age, it’s rare to have these opportunities!
If you’d like to go back in time for a day, I’m happy to come to you and your friends! They’ll get to re-live the Good Ole’ Days of home parties and fun, see the product themselves and order on the spot!
Psssst…you can do a Home Show ANYWHERE! It doesn’t have to be in your livingroom!

#4 Team Party

Each participant gets a hostess packet with everything they need. Then, they collect the orders and I enter it as one big party!
I’ll even provide incentives for the TOP EARNERS!

#5 Catalog Party

I send you the catalogs and order forms. All you have to do is show the catalogs and collect the cash. It’s SUPER EASY!

*Combine ONLINE with any of these ways and there’s NO LIMIT to what you can earn for your cause!*

Would you like to learn more about hosting a FUNdraiser with me? Fill out this quick form below and I will contact you!

Have more questions?

Message me on Facebook , email me bagyourbrag@gmail.com or text me at 207-619-3186 and we can CHAT about the option that works best for you!